About us: Ojus Foundation is a registered society in Satna ,Madhya Pradesh.The aim of the society is to contribute in the development of the Individual,society and nation at large.
The society comprises of experts and professionals from diverse areas.The Key focus of the society is to work as a catalyst to bring positive change in the life of the People.
 Education plays a key role in the development and upliftment of the social and economic conditions of the deprived sections of the society.
The society aims at contributing in the field of child education. It is found that there is a gap between the skills possessed by the youth graduating from various institutions and the requirement of industries.
The society aims to work in the field of skill development to enhance the skills of youth to help them to get employment.
The society is committed toward the preservation and conservation of nature and play an important role to control pollution and take measures to improve the quality of life.
The society has the objective of eradicating various social ill practices prevalent in the society.
We are committed to work in the field of Health & Nutrition,Youth Empowerment,Social Justice,Nature conservation,Education and any other cause for the betterment of the society.
Founder: Mr. Pramod Pandey